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Gallery - Dashilism


In March 2015 Joanna Mersereau created a new kind of painting she called “Dashilism”. In this two layers of paint are formed, with the first layer being a traditional complete image. The second layer is a series of lines formed by quarter-inch dashes on top of the first layer. The second layer
could be composed of vertical or horizontal lines of dashes .

The interesting effect of dashilism is that, within close range the painting takes on the look of a tapestry. As the viewer steps back, the dashilism effect is lost and the painting becomes traditional in appearance.

At present the series contains several paintings, with more to come. All are approximately 30”x 11”, which is half of a typical watercolor full sheet, divided vertically.

The first layer of dashilism is in transparent watercolor; the second layer, because of the need of the dashes to be opaque, is done in gouache, an opaque watercolor.

CA Mountain Tapestry
CA Costal Tapestry
CA Desert Tapestry
CA Poppies Tapestry
Grand Vista Tapestry
Earth & Sky Tapestry
Santa Rosa Plateau Tapestry
Waves & Fishes Tapestry
      All images are representative of my work and may or may not be available at this time. If you are interested in my original watercolors, Giclee prints, tiles or cards, phone (951)787-0847 or email joannamersereau@dslextreme.com for further information.    
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